Planetary Health

We are solutions-oriented, transdisciplinary and social movement focused 

on analyzing and addressing the impacts of human disruptions to 

Earth’s natural systems on human health and all life on Earth.

Global Care Initiative

We work around multi-sectoral approach for each of the discipline to get greatest impact and achievements

Our Mission

We strive to contribute to greater accountability to the crisis-affected population through user-oriented participatory and ethical assessments, inspirational adult education materials, and one-stop-shop technical windows for market- and market-based programs. money. We do this in a way that maximizes value for money for our clients and gives our team purpose while allowing them to grow.

Work as a team

We are smarter and more creative as a team because we all have different experiences and knowledge of certain topics / countries / contexts. So our goal is to work together, ask other team members who are not necessarily involved in the same project. We remember to have fun and laugh at ourselves. We never stop learning. This journey is not about us or our ego. We put the mission first, then the team, then ourselves. To be kind is to be strong, not weak

We take the challenge

We push boundaries and challenge assumptions that others take for granted. We are not afraid of being put to shame for the sake of families affected by the crisis. No matter how crazy things are, we never forget why we do it. We speak when our ethical compass is challenged. We practice transparency and radical openness. We believe that action requires integrity and that integrity requires action.

We support each other

When you take on big challenges, failure is inevitable. That doesn’t scare us. As soon as they knock us down, we immediately get up again. Every time. We have the ability to bounce back from adversity and move on. This journey is tough, but we support each other. In the end, we always deliver projects that meet our clients’ expectations.

Our Specialties 

  • Emergency Nutrition
  • Gender 
  • WASH
  • Data system and analysis
  • Education


In complex and volatile contexts such as forced relocation, conflict or natural disaster, understanding the business environment is essential to reaching those in need and taking safe and effective action. By conducting context, gender and risk analysis, we can help your company understand the internal factors and power dynamics that shape the operating environment. By identifying and mapping key players and services, we help your teams reach those most in need through a safe and successful response.


From the first idea through implementation to monitoring and evaluation of past activities, we offer our services throughout the entire course of the project. Thanks to our diverse experience, we can support your team in capacity development through training, workshops and on-the-job coaching. Whether technical skills are needed to assess the viability of a hydroelectric plant, mitigation strategies to protect the most vulnerable in forced relocation, or capacity building to build a sustainable rural community that lives in balance with its natural resources, our team It is our team Your right choice.


By developing tailored methodologies, we help your organisation to regularly monitor the project activities. Thanks to our experience, we support you for collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative, sex, age and diversity disaggregated data. By applying the OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability), we evaluate your ongoing or completed project. We also examine the added value of your organisation’s action, assess its specific contribution with respect to other interventions or ways of proceeding and highlight both its strengths and weaknesses.


Improving real lives and playing a part in creating resilient, aspirational communities and our planet.

Becoming more aware of environment’s influence, and making steps to improve our impact, is the key pillar of our social value strategy.

Improving the lived experience of as many people as possible.

We are here to make a positive difference in society, as well as make a living.

Get the best of all technically advanced oversight and monitor your projects

Contact us to discuss more on your project needs. we provide support right from designing to monitoring and evaluation of the projects.